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Caroline Margery Dunn

I was born and raised in the South West suburbs of London, England. I remember drawing huge spiders at an early age and loving my grandmothers large fairy tale book, illustrated by Arthur Rackham. This influenced my imaginative mind as I felt sure there were pixies alive and well in the nearby woods!

In high school I was no academic and spent my time in the Art room and drawing friends' portraits. I went on to Art School in Twickenham, near London, majoring in Illustration. I loved artists such as Samuel Palmer and William Blake. At 20, I visited the USA and saw wide open spaces and met friendly people! Two years later, I moved to the US and worked in a variety of jobs including Graphic Design, Sign Painting and Illustration.

I came to realize how much I had taken my British upbringing for granted, and on trips back I was obsessed with medieval art and architecture with its rich complex patterns and detail. Eventually I went for an MA in Illustration at Syracuse University in NY, which helped me find my pathway to what I do today. Within the genre of CelticFantasy I love to draw mythological creatures, organic plant forms, mermaids and celtic knotwork. I hope you can enjoy this too!

Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you.